The Canadian Savate Federation is a non-profit organization created in 2004.

The Canadian Savate Federation is a member of the International Savate Federation (FISav).

Our values: politeness, courage, friendship, control, modesty and respect.

Our vision : To make savate a sport that is played from coast to coast.

Our mission : To promote, develop and supervise the practice of savate in Canada. , whether for coaches, officials or athletes. Several events, such as training and certifications, are organized or accredited by the Federation. The national championships are held every two years.

The federation’s board of directors is composed of four members and two national managers. The federation could not fulfill its mission without the collaboration of coaches, trainers and practitioners.

President: Tommy Pochat
Vice-president: Alexandre Coutant
Treasurer: Alice Sigé
Secretairy: Loan Vo

Team Canada Savate : Rebecca Murray
Team Canada Canne : Claude Rose
Photo credit: Joanie (Jo) Emond