SAVATE is a martial art of French origin commonly referred to as ‘boxe-française’ (French boxing) or ‘boxe poings-pieds’ (fists and feet boxing). Practitioners are called ‘tireurs’ or ‘shooters’.

Its history dates back to the beginning of the 18th century and it in some ways shares similarities with fencing.

“Monsieur Charles Lecour has created an art from this fencing of mobsters, this boxing of the court of miracles … With this art, more nocturnal surprise; you can misplace your cane, your pocket pistols, but you are never without your legs or your arms … “- Théophile Gautier

In Canada, particularly in Quebec, it was not until the 1970s that Savate established itself on Canadian soil.

Savate is based on a series of percussive blows called “COUPS” that are delivered with different areas of the foot and the front of the fists according to precise techniques which respect a series of fixed and intangible basic principles.

All SAVATE boxe-française movements must be ethical, aesthetic, effective and educational.

ASSAUT (Assault)

The objective is to touch the opponent for points without impairing his or her physical integrity. All force is strictly prohibited.

The majority of our practitioners engage in ASSAULT and is the only option for those under 18 to engage in competition against other ‘tireurs.’


Combat allows for the use of far more powerful blows, and victory can be achieved through Knock-Out.

Mouth guards, shin guards and protective cups are nevertheless mandatory in both types of bouts.